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Advertising Paralegal at Legalosity

Date Posted: June 3, 2023

Job Information

  • Job Location: Baltimore, Maryland
  • Job Category: Paralegal
  • Salary Range: $50,000 to $60,000 – Yearly (Not willing to pay outside of the range)
  • Experience Level: Intermediate (4 – 7 years)
  • Education: Bachelor Degree, Graduate Degree, MBA, JD
  • Practice Area: Advertising
  • Employer Type: Law Firm
  • Management Category: Non Manager
  • Job Type: Full Time

Desired Skills

Skills desired by the employer:

Proofread Documents, Coordinate and Assist with Document Collections, Schedule Court Reporters, Prepare Deposition Binders, Draft Contracts, Organize and Prepare Briefs and Exhibits, Prepare Trial Binders

Job Description

Please review the job description. If you decide to apply, please update your ePortfolio and the Practice Area Tracker.


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